Tip #2

Carb substitutes 

Anyone on a diet or eating clean knows that carbs are a big no-no! And unfortunately that means no rice, pasta, potato or bread!

But there is still hope for all the carb lovers out there!!! There are plently of healthy alternatives for carbs that are still delicious, but leave less of a dint on the waist line.

Swap your rice to cauliflower rice –

Cauliflower rice is a great substitute for rice. To make cauliflower rice, finely grate a whole cauliflower, or cut it up into smaller chunks and place in a food processor. Once the cauliflower resembles a rice like texture, add spices of your choice (garlic salt, pepper, moroccan seasoning etc) and then steam! I steam mine in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, or you can use a steamer.

Step one

Step two

Step three


Cauliflower rice (1 cup) – 30 cal

Swap your pasta to slim pasta –

Slim pasta is a great substitute for pasta or noodles.  It’s  made up of a vegetable called Konjac which is high in fibre and low calories and carbs.


Slim ‘angel hair’ pasta (125g) – 8 cal

Slim ‘spaghetti’ pasta (125g) – 18 cal

Swap your potato for sweet potato –

Sweet potatoes have almost twice as much fibre as normal potatoes (7 grams of fibre per serving), they also contain large amounts of the B6 vitamin and vitamin C and E, are a good source of beta-carotene and a great source of manganese.


Sweet potato (half cup) – 80 cal

Swap your white bread for rye bread –

Rye bread has four times more fibre and less calories than normal white bread. Rye bread keeps your blood sugar levels at a normal level (instead of spiking like they do when you eat white bread) and is a more efficient fat-burner, lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation in the body.

Burgen rye bread (2 slices of bread) – 186


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