Missing soft drink?

Homemade Lemonade

I’m a self-confessed soft drink lover and have been battling a little Pepsi Max addiction for the past couple of years! But following New Years and Christmas I’ve decided to get strict with my diet again – which means cutting out the diet soda!

Last night I made my own lemonade, and it was absolutely delicious!!!!! I actually couldn’t believe it, and I’m almost certain this will help me quit drinking diet soda for good.


  • Juice enough lemons to fill up an ice-tray and freeze (make sure you remove all the pips!)
  • Add 2-3 frozen lemon cubes to a glass of soda water
  • Sweeten the lemon soda water with liquid stevia (liquid stevia is my new found love, you can add it to anything!)

And finally, enjoy! It’s so hot in Australia at the moment, and this is a great way to cool down 🙂


Tip #9

The general rule for clean eating is to limit yourself to two egg yolks per day, with unlimited egg whites.

I found that I was wasting a tonne of egg yolks and just using the egg whites which was such a waste of egg yolks and money!!

But then I got introduced to these, frozen eggwhites!!! You can find them in the freezer section of the supermarket, and you just let them defrost in your fridge overnight and then they’re ready to use!